Car Dealership Fun

I just read the status update of a friend who recently took delivery of an A5. She ends the status with this: “When trading in the vette the last thing i did was change the language on the dash to german. Baahaaahaa.” I can’t stop laughing!!!!!! ROFL


Only One Can State It Like This

Life & Lessons of Car Magazines

“Driving fast on the track does not scare me. What scares me is when I drive on the highway I get passed by some idiot who thinks he is Fangio.” 

Juan Manuel Fangio:

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Nostalgia Years: Cameron Gibson rides shotgun in a Audi S2

Off course…how do you pass up an S2???

Retro and Classic Cars

It passed me with a low yet still very noticeable grumble similar to that of an angry Backbencher in the House of Commons. It’s robust and endlessly enjoyable five cylinder engine producing a note which reverberated off the nearby buildings. As it passed, that silhouette became ever more noticeable it was an Audi S2.

The Audi S2 lived a short-life as the Audi sports-coupe that everyone wanted. Not just for its performance, but also the heritage that came with it. The S2 upheld a badge with a sizable clout; the ‘quattro’ badge. It took over from the original quattro coupe in the nineties, yet the relationship between those two cars resulted in the S2 being very nearly as exciting as the quattro. No small feat then.

All that history and engineering prowess led to many expectations for the S2; I knew of that legendary engine and well proven Quattro system…

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Your Cars: Anni’s 1988 Audi ur-quattro

A great urQ story!!!!

Retro and Classic Cars

E417 LUY, or “Louie” is a 1988 2.2 turbo Audi ur-quattro.

Once the rally car of its day, the Audi quattro is a very rare sight on the roads these days.

When I bought Louie, the car came with lots of  history.Louie is one Audi quattro who has had an interesting history and is extremely lucky to still be on the roads today due to events that should have sent him for scrap in the 1990’s!

Iconic? Check. Gene Hunt approval? Check.

Many moons ago in 1991 Louie was stolen from his first owner, very probably by joyriders! Some time later ‘Louie’ was recovered by police having been crashed into a ditch and abandoned. Louie suffered front offside damage and the first owner decided to cut his losses and declare the car a “category D” write off.

It could have all ended there had Louie not then been saved by…

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Guest contributor: Vince B. of Daily Turismo on the best used car bargains between $5k-15k

A pretty strong list…albeit missing the 300ZX, Acura Legend GS 6-speed (coupe or sedan), BMW 850i, VW Passat w8, Audi S8, S6 Avant (C4 and C5) and probably a few others.

Motoring Con Brio

As guys who eat, sleep, dream, tinker, breathe and drive cars, we at Daily Turismo routinely get asked the question, what car should I buy? Each driver has his own needs and each car has its own place in the market (yes, there are people who we’d recommend a Prius to, maybe even a brand new Prius, but we won’t recommend any new Lincoln under any circumstances) and we have our favorite cars on the market today. Our picks tend to be well used since they provide an excellent value and we try to stay away from cars that will continue to plummet in price. Mostly though, we love cars that are fun to drive, rear wheel drive and cheap to buy/insure/maintain. Here is a list of our top ten bargains, not top top $5k-15k cars, but the ones we think are undervalued in the market. Here they are, in no particular order.

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Test Driven: Porsche Panamera GTS (GRADE: A)

True to the old adage…don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Mind Over Motor

Porsche is a brand with plenty of varied supporters and detractors. What’s funny is, some of those supporters are also detractors. Whether it was the 911 going to a water-cooled engine, the 911 getting the nose of the Boxster, the 911 going to electric power steering, the Cayenne launching, or the idea (even the idea! For shame!) that Porsche would–GASP!–produce a four door sedan. Any change, and they start screaming.

I’m not one of those people. The Panamera has been a big hit for Porsche financially and I have seen more and more of them on the road since the car’s 2009 launch in America. I hadn’t driven one yet and for some reason, just didn’t think much of it until I was at the Porsche Zentrum at the Quail Lodge in August. When I arrived, I signed up to drive this four-door Porsche, only because the 911s on hand…

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“Which is why, …

“Which is why, if you want a small, fast German saloon, you’d want one of these. It’s the Audi RS4.” James May, Top Gear, preferring the Audi over the BMW M3 and Mercedes C63 AMG

This is the one you want!